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Beware the "Guesstimate"!!

Updated: Feb 8

A complex project requires your restoration contractor to spend money on a proper estimate.  This involves detailed scoping of every square inch of your project, samples of flooring being sent to labs for confirmation of material quality, and numerous other details.  This allows your restoration contractor the ability to start your project with no surprises . This is why that matters to you...

With this business model, there is no incentive to cut corners, speed up the work time, or skimp on labor and/or materials.  Your restoration partner can now enter your job site without stressing over keeping the job profitable, and instead focus on keeping you happy with high quality materials and workmanship. All while driving negotiations with your insurance company to keep you indemnified.

Your other option is a "spitball - guesstimate".  In an effort to just "get the job", the contractor makes a guesstimate that's high enough to be worthwhile, but low enough to avoid negotiating with insurance companies, and/or satisfies a homeowner who mistakenly thinks they can cash out on the difference.  The guesstimate results in the contractor creating his margin as the job is in progress.  This is where corners are cut - especially as the margins begin to shrink. 

When one hears of contractors walking off a job mid-project?  They just found out they're going to lose money. Don't let this happen to you.

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