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About Us

We Treat Your Home, Like We Treat Our Own.

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Established 2013

Stage Three Reconstruction Services - Post Fire, Water & Catastrophic Loss

Residential & Commercial 

Full Claims Lifecycle Management 

By Referral Only

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Thomas Restoration Group, LLC, located in North Georgia, is a Subcontractor specializing in the areas of metal stud and wood framing, drywall, painting, flooring, cabinetry, tile, ceilings and insulation. We also install FRP, door frames, doors, hardware as well as some selective demolition. Our owners and project managers have worked for several different General Contractors in both residential and commercial construction. We provide our services to the North Georgia areas: Cartersville, Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, Atlanta and surrounding areas. 

Our Owners and project managers have 30 plus years total combined experience in the construction industry and we know how to service our clients at the top level. We pay very close attention to full life cycle management, safety, quality, scheduling and performance. These areas are our number one priority when it comes to satisfying our clients.

We will be happy to work with you on most anything you have coming up for bid. Please call to discuss your current estimating needs.

Thank you for the opportunity to bid your upcoming projects.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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Community Efforts


"My experience with Thomas Restoration Group was definitely God sent. I made the decision of choosing this company because of the absolute patience that was given to me during this highly stressful incident. Long story short, I had a complicated claim which ended up being 2 insurance claims. I was not a happy camper at all! One thing that I recall Thomas Restoration Group telling me was that ultimately his goal was that the outcome would be “You’re going to love it!” I counted on those words because my kitchen and family room was not at all functional. I was eating out everyday, couldn’t make lunch for work….added stress. I was completely outside of my normal routine. My cute home was an absolute mess!

The work was ultimately completed! My home was absolutely beautiful! It was even cuter than before. I am so grateful to the Thomas Restoration Group for the attention to detail and also the no stress willingness to readdress the minute details. I am still overjoyed for taking the time to research and find the perfect company to fulfill my need and present the outcome that I wanted and deserved."

~C. White

“Thomas Restoration Group is very professional and their work is excellent and affordable. I can’t wait to hire them for my next project”

~Baxter C.

“I had water damage from a faulty water heater which flooded almost my entire house.  Thomas Restoration Group walked me through the entire process and even helped me with insurance issues…  I can’t say enough of the professionalism and workmanship from this company!!! I highly recommend them!

~Geri S.

"As a homeowner experiencing my first major repair crisis stemming from plumbing issues, I couldn’t have found a better company than Thomas Restoration Group! In fact, they came highly recommended from another business that I was referred to but didn’t service my area, and I now know it was my good fortune that the other business did not take the contract. All of the people who worked on the project were great but it was Robert Philbeck in particular who made it a great experience because of his genuinely caring nature. He carefully and patiently walked me through all of the nuances of the restoration project I was undertaking; he dealt directly with the insurance company when they gave me unnecessary pushback about the claim; and he remained responsive and available throughout the entire process. But perhaps the thing about Robert that made the most indelible impression on me and my family was that while surveying the house for the specific damage, he noticed my elderly mother was not as agile when moving throughout the house, so he proactively suggested having a handrail installed for the stairs and grab bars in my mother’s bathroom to help her steady herself getting in and out of the shower. He suggested all of this without me even asking, simply because he was observant and cared enough to suggest something that has since been an enormous help to my mother! Moreover, he was able to get it all done while helping me stay within the same pre-approved budget. As I mentioned before, this was my first major issue and if I ever have another, I will be calling Thomas Restoration Group because I so appreciate their integrity, care for their customers, and quality of work!"

~M. Torrey

"They were great at negotiating with my insurance company to make sure I wasn’t short changed on rebuilding my home. They were super fast and organized and provided me a complete timeline as to when and who would be in my home. The workers in my home were very polite and courteous and even helped me with a few things outside of the insurance estimate."

~Melissa S.

"I have utilized their services to restore my house after two water leaks and they were consistently professional, responsive and efficient. They went above & beyond and provide exceptional customer service and restoration work. I recommend them without hesitation. Amazing!"

~Latesa B.

"I had some water damage in my basement from the recent tropical storms. I decided to use Thomas Restoration Group based on a strong referral. Initially I was only going to use the restoration services but after seeing their work, I decided to contract them for tile/flooring work including drywall and paint as well. Super professional, timely, superb work at a very fair price. 100% recommend these folks."

~Mark T.

"They did good work for me. I had a water leak in my laundry room under the cement foundation. They didn't repair the water leak itself, but they were hired to return the house to its state before the water leak occurred. They had to replace all of the vinyl flooring in my kitchen and laundry room since they are connected and it was all one piece. They had to patch small and large holes in the drywall in my laundry room from where the plumbers had to cut holes in the wall as part of the water leak repair. They used the exact same paint from Sherwin Williams that was already in the laundry room and repainted the entire room for it to match. They had to paint a section in the garage as well and replace a base board in the garage because the water leak caused damage in that room as well. The actual work only took them 2 days. The entire process took longer than I would like. The water leak occurred on like June 5. The repairs weren't completed until like August 15. The primary reason for this long time seems to have been that it took a long while for them and my insurance company to agree on the price of the repairs, but I suppose the blame for that largely rests with my insurance company and not Thomas Restoration. I was very satisfied with them all in all. I imagine you will be too if you choose them to do repairs for you."

~Josh P.

"My kitchen flooded in early September 2020 due to no fault of my own, I live in a townhome community. After my home was remediated, I searched the internet for flooring companies in GA. I found Thomas Restoration Group online and saw their 5 star reviews. I gave TRG a call on the weekend and spoke with Robert. He came out to the very next day to view my home for the work to be done (all new flooring) and walked me through the process. Within the next couple days, I received my estimate and next thing you know I was picking out flooring with TJ, who is GREAT! Just tell him what you're looking for and he will show you GREAT samples - he really listens to what you want and I was able to find my flooring in less than an hour working with him. TRG also worked with my insurance company as well. It was a great and seamless experience with TRG and I LOVE my new flooring!"

~Denise A.

"I had Thomas Restoration Group complete a basement project after a pipe burst at one of my properties. They were on time, professional and even completed the job ON TIME. The best part about the project was that they kept my property clean the entire time. I was so worried about my wild HOA, but these guys came prepared and completed the work quickly and neatly. God forbid I run into another situation in any of my other properties, I would call these guys first."

~Daniel B.

"These guys did a great job communicating with me before, during, and after the work was completed. I also appriciated their prompt response time, speed of completion, and quality of the finished product. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.."

~Matt T.

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