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The Art of Restoration.

Insurance Restoration Services

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"My experience with Thomas Restoration Group was definitely God sent. I made the decision of choosing this company because of the absolute patience that was given to me during this highly stressful incident. Long story short, I had a complicated claim which ended up being 2 insurance claims. I was not a happy camper at all! One thing that I recall Thomas Restoration Group telling me was that ultimately his goal was that the outcome would be “You’re going to love it!” I counted on those words because my kitchen and family room was not at all functional. I was eating out everyday, couldn’t make lunch for work….added stress. I was completely outside of my normal routine. My cute home was an absolute mess!

The work was ultimately completed! My home was absolutely beautiful! It was even cuter than before. I am so grateful to the Thomas Restoration Group for the attention to detail and also the no stress willingness to readdress the minute details. I am still overjoyed for taking the time to research and find the perfect company to fulfill my need and present the outcome that I wanted and deserved."

C. White

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